Sculpture of Green Tara Nepal | Mother Tara Statue | 24k Gold Gilded

SKU: GTZ1505


Handcrafted Sculpture of Green Tara Nepal

This traditionally crafted Sculpture of the Green Tara was handcrafted by the most skilled craftsmen of Nepal from a copper body and gilded with 24k genuine gold which highlights the importance of the statue. This Tibetan statue shows the goddess sitting upon a moon disc lotus seat with a serene look, her right foot on a blossoming lotus. While she is covered in many decorations. One of her hands is performing the Surya mudra with the other resting on her knee, while both hands are making the Gyan mudra. The use of Acrylic painting highlights the statue to a greater extent giving it mesmerizing look.

Size: 15.3"/39cm (Height) x 11"/28cm (Base)
Weight: 5.90 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Tara is the savior, the personification of compassion, the one who reaches out and freely replies to everyone who is suffering. Tara is courageous and generous to a fault. Green Tara and White Tara are her most popular incarnations, though she occasionally appears as Red Tara in Dakini form. "Om tare tuttare ture svaha," says Green Tara. White Tara's mantra is "om tare tuttare ture mama ayu Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha," which means "om tare tuttare ture mama ayu Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha."