Shakyamuni Buddha | Gold Plated Gautam Buddha Statue



Shakyamuni Buddha | Gold Plated Statue

Shakyamuni Buddha is the universal symbol of peace and non-violence. His features and peaceful and his expression radiates undiluted tranquility. His tranquility, peacefulness, and calmness help the practitioner to radiate the same energy during the Vajrayana meditation practice. 

This is a traditional gold-plated Tibetan statue of the Buddha, with the right features, emblems, and representation. This statue would be a great addition to your practice, be it every day or sporadically. It will enhance your general spiritual experience through art and beauty. 

Size: 46cm/18.11" (Height) x 31cm/ 12.20" (Base)
Weight: 8.462kg

Materials : Copper, 24K Gold, Precious Stones