Buddha Shakyamuni Bronze Statue | Tibetan Style Buddha Statue | Himalayan Statue



Shakyamuni Buddha, Crowned Buddhist Statue, Traditionally Handmade

A beautiful Bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni. The artist is perfectly able to bring the aliveness of peace, and calmness to the statue, which makes this statue special. Full body Gilded in Bronze with balanced turquoise and coral addition on his crown brings perfect harmony of colors and jewels on the statue. 

Shakyamuni Buddha is also known as the enlightened one who is the founder of Buddhism and its teachings. The ancient Sanskrit word 'Buddha' means 'having become awoken ' in the sense of having attained 'supreme awareness'. It is closely related to the term 'Bodhi' which refers to awareness. His main goal was to free people from their sufferings. Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings are based on his insight into sufferings.

This Crowned Shakyamuni Statue is very rare. It is made up of bronze and embedded with precious stones. The Buddha is seated in the Bhumisparsa or 'Calling the Earth to Witness' mudrā. With fingers slightly touching the ground this position represents the subduing of Mara (a demon) who bombarded Buddha with demons, monsters, violent storms, and the three seductive daughters. The left hand is in the meditation (dhyana) mudra gesture holding a bowl with a calm and peaceful face.

Size: 39cm/15.3" (Height) x 30cm/11.8" (Base)
Weight: 7.72kg (approximately)
Materials: Precious Stones, Bronze

A perfect Buddha Statue for your shrine.