Shakyamuni Buddha In Throne | Gold Plated Statue

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Hand-carved Shakyamuni Buddha Statue In Throne, Gold Plated Statue

The Shakyamuni Buddha statue is magnificently hand-carved with a lotus throne gilded with 24k gold. He is seated on a moon disc lotus seat with his legs crossed. His right hand is in the Earth Touching mudra, while his left hand is resting on his lap, holding a begging bowl with a calm face. His body is draped in a highly patterned and lavishing robe embedded with corals, while his right hand is bare, which signifies the attribute of Buddha. The other attributes include long earlobes, Dharmachakra in each foot, and layers in the neck and hair. The beautiful crafting of the colorful flowers and leaves rising from the lotus throne makes the statue very enchanting.

A perfect Shakyamuni Buddha Statue on Throne for your shrine.

Height: 46cm/ 18'' (height) and 22cm / 8.6" (Base)
Weight: 4.536 kg
Medium: 24K Gold, Copper Body, Precious Stones

Shakyamuni Buddha, often known as "the Buddha," is the historical Buddha and the founder of Buddhist doctrine. Each "Kalpa" (Buddhist eon) is thought to have its own Buddha, whose teachings disappear when the next Buddha comes. He is believed to have lived about 420 BC and spent most of his time spreading Dharma teachings.