Standing Padmasambhava Statue | Handmade Tibetan Guru Rinpoche

SKU: GRN1322


24k Gold Gilded Art of Standing Padmasambhava Statue 

We have traditionally crafted the standing statue of Padmasambhava in copper body gilded with 24k genuine gold, which is flawlessly designed. Padmasambhava (Rinpoche) draped in royal robes, stands atop a lotus moon disc while holding a Khatanvga with his right hand and his left hand holds a bowl. He is also known as the louts Born. As per the iconography, the statue has a semi- wrathful expression. The elegant gold-plated halo illuminates his body, while the wonderfully carved lotus seat is seen as mesmerizing. It took us months of hard work carving intricate design patterns. A perfect Statue of Guru Rinpoche for your meditation shrine.

Size: 16.1"/41cm (Height) x 9.0"/23cm (Base)
Weight: 4.08 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

"Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum" Prayers to Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche mantra is one of the most sacred among the Buddhist community. By chanting the mantra, one believes that a physical body and entry into this world are granted with a single chanting of the Vajra Guru mantra. Any sentient being who sees hears or thinks of the mantra will undoubtedly join the ranks of male and female Awareness Holders.