Tara Green Goddess Statue | Traditional Art of Himalayan Buddhism



24K Gold Tara Green Goddess Statue

This is a large sized statue of mother Tara, graciously seated on her lotus seat. A purely hand curated Tara statue, traditionally plated in genuine 24K gold. The tiny and much detailed motifs on her ornaments, silk and crowns are some of the best example of finest artistry from Nepal. Her face is gilded thickly with gold, expressing her calm and surreal beauty. She radiates a lustrous shine from her body, perfectly hand made for your meditation altar.

She seats on her royal posture, depicting the three jewel mudra with her hand. Her composed aura expressed through her beautiful eyes that gazes deeply into eternity is one unique feature of the statue. This masterpiece is indeed one of our highly valued and favorite Tara from our studio.

Size: 40.9"/104cm (Height) x 24.4"/62cm (Base)
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Green Tara Introduction:

The Green Tara Goddess, seated in the lalita posture, is depicted in this statue. Her left hand is holding an utpala, which represents purity, while her right hand is in varada mudra. She responds quickly to people who seek her assistance. Her jewelry and ornaments are a perfect match for her elegant glance. With a peaceful and serene expression, she sits atop a moon disc lotus seat.