Thangtong Gyalpo Prayer Statue | Tibetan Art Glided with Gold



Tibetan Gold Glided Thangtong Gyalpo Prayer Statue

We have meticulously hand-carved the Thangtong Gyalpo Prayer Statue using a traditional Himalayan sculpting method. In the statue, Thangtong Gyalpo is portrayed as seated on a lotus seat, holding some chain links from his bridges with his right hand and a vase with his left. The body is molded using oxidized copper. We have glided the face with 24K gold. The hair long white hair is highlighted using acrylic paintings. We assure you that the materials used for the figurine are of the highest quality and will last for years. 

This figurine will be a perfect gift from Nepal to a devotee like you.

Size: 10.2"/26cm (Height) x 8.2"/21cm (Base)
Weight: 3.24 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body, 24k Gold Plated, Acrylic Paintings 

The Master Thangtong Gyalpo is supposed to have entered the earth in the "way of Padmasambhava" as a conjoined emanation of Chenrezig and his vengeful form, Tamdrin, during the Wood Ox Year (1384) in the town of Rinchen Ding. He was a well-known Tibetan Siddha who traveled far throughout Tibet, China, and other eastern nations. He also constructed countless temples, metal bridges, and monasteries in Dergé and other places. Thangtong Gyalpo, the moniker he goes by, means "King of the Empty Plain." He had a vision of five dakinis who came to him and sang poems of adoration while meditating on the Gyede Plain in Tsang.