The Medicine Buddha Statue | The Healing Bhaisajyaguru



The Medicine Buddha Statue, The Healing Bhaisajyaguru

The Medicine Buddha Statue appears as a Healing Bhaisajyaguru in the sadhanas. He is frequently represented seated on a lotus throne with his right hand in Abhaya, fearlessness mudra, and left with a bowl filled with medicine. A myrobalan plant may be sprouting from the bowl. Myrobalan is a tree that produces a plum-like fruit with therapeutic benefits. He can heal both birth and death illnesses.

Size: 9"/23cm (Height) x 6.6"/17cm (Width)
Materials: Copper Body, 24K Gold Gilded, Acrylic Painting

Three sutras in the Tibetan Kangyur are primarily concerned with the Buddha of Medicine. The twelve ambitions of the Buddha of Medicine are made forth in one sutra, the aspirations of the seven other medicine buddhas are outlined in another, and the dharanis or mantras of the various buddhas of treatment are outlined in the third sutra. He is also fundamental to the Four Medical Tantras, which form the foundation of Tibetan medicine and numerous therapeutic sadhanas.