Tibetan Green Tara Statue | Gold Glided Buddhist Art



Hand Crafted Himalayan Buddhist Tibetan Green Tara Statue 

The Tibetan Green Tara Statue is molded and hand-sculpted using traditional methods passed down from generations. Deity Green Tara is depicted on a lotus throne holding a lotus in her left hand and her right hand is on varada mudra, a gesture of blessing. It took us months of hard work to handcraft all the intricate patterns on the robe. The body is molded with copper and glided with 24K pure gold. The embedment of the precious corals and Turquoise on the crown, bracelets, and necklace highlights the statue. It took months of dedicated devotion and hard work for completion.

Size: 14.5"/37cm (Height) x 10.2"/26cm (Base)
Weight: 6.502 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Green Tara is mainly regarded for her active compassion and enlightened activity. She is expressed in the context of stars and linked to the moon and night as well. She is also related to fertility and the growth and nourishment of the plants, flowers, trees, power to heal, protect worshippers from the Eight Fears, and dangers such as fire, and snakes. Practitioners chant the Green Tara mantra- ‘Om tare tuttare ture soha’, to overcome physical, mental, or emotional blockages, to re-energize. She is the incarnation of a Nepali princess.