Tibetan Guru Rinpoche | Gold Gilded Padmasambhava Statue



Tibetan Guru Rinpoche, Gold Gilded Padmasambhava Statue

Tibetan Guru Rinpoche is shown magnificently in this gold-gilded statue. This Padmasambhava statue was handcrafted in Kathmandu by a Nepali artist in copper and gilded 24K Gold. The skullcap and trident he holds in his arms are painted in silver, and he has a vajra in his right hand. The statue is embedded with corals and turquoise, making it even more beautiful.
Size: 40cm/15.748" (Height) x 28cm/11.02" (Base)
Weight:6.5kg (approximately)
Materials: Copper Body, 24K Gold
About Guru Padmasambhava

According to mythology, Guru Padmasambhava's head once split from anguish when he realized how many evil creatures remained in the world. Amitabha joined the pieces together to form a whole head, which he then placed on his son in three tiers of three, then the tenth, and topped it all off with his image. The 11-headed Avalokiteshvara is sometimes depicted with thousands of arms around him like a peacock's outspread tail. Tara, the goddess, is his female consort. His ancestral home is the mountain Potala.