Mahakala Bernagchen | Gold Plated Handcrafted Traditional Bernagchen Statue



Mahakala Bernagchen Statue, Traditional Tibetan Gold Plated Statue 

The intimidating protector of the Karma Kagyu school is the two-armed Mahakala named Bernagchen. Our Mahakala statue is iconographically accurate and has all the right features for your Vajrayana practices. 

Mahakala Bernagchen is wrathful and exudes an aura of fear and divine protection of dharma. He holds his signature chopper in his right hand which symbolizes the slashing of negative forces and emotions. He also holds a skull cup in the other hand, usually brimming with blood.

This Mahakala statue would be perfect for your meditation practice, by virtue of its attributes.
Size: 10.23 "/ 26cm X 6.69 "/17 cm
Weight: 2.468 Kg