Ushnisha Sitatapatra Statue | 1000 Armed Dukar Handamde Sculpture

SKU: DAG2621


Gold Gilded 1000 Armed Dukar Statue of Ushnisha Sitatapatra

This 1000-armed Ushnisha Sitatapatra statue is a hand-crafted masterpiece of Nepalese craftsmanship sculpted in our studio. It is made from brass and copper alloy and intricately designed to radiate celestial energy. The deity is symbolic of compassion, wisdom and protection from obstacles, making it a powerful spiritual object. Its 1000 arms evoke divinity while its meticulous design imbues your home with elegance and beauty. Sitatapatra appears in a variety of forms, including a thousand faces, arms, and legs, or simply as a beautiful feminine deity. She is best known for her "white umbrella," which she is holding up with her left arm as a status symbol. She is often credited with inventing the "golden wheel." The tremendous halo behind the statue depicts a thousand arms with intricate designs and a halo of fire that was meticulously created. This Dukar statue took our artists months to complete, and the mesmerizing and precise detail provided by our artists is flawless.

This 1000 Armed Dukar statue would make an excellent gift for a practitioner like you.

Size: 25.1"/64cm (Height) x 19.6"/50cm (Base)
Weight: 8.41 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

In supernatural challenges like demons, black magic, and astrologically predicted catastrophes, Dukar, also known as Sitatapatra, is invincible. She gets her name from a parasol that isn't your normal umbrella. It's a large, white silken canopy with a status emblem. She is well-known among us as a mother who protects us from evil. She is impervious to all forms of supernatural peril, including demons, black magic, and astrologically predetermined misfortunes.