Vajrasattva Statues | Handmade Artwork of Nepal

SKU: VSM2520


Hand-crafted in Genuine 24k Gold Gilded, Vajrasattva Statues

This handcrafted Vajrasattva statue stands 23cm tall. It was skillfully hand crafted in our studio by a talented Nepali artist using traditional techniques passed down through generations. The intricate details and fine craftsmanship make this statue a stunning work of art. The serene expression on Vajrasattva's face, as well as the intricate symbols adorning the statue, make it an ideal addition to any spiritual or meditation space. We depicted the deity seated on the top of a moon disc on a lotus holding a vajra with his hand and a bell with his left.

This statue is not only beautiful, but it is also said to bring the owner peace, prosperity, and blessings.

Size: 9"/23cm (Height) x 6.2"/16cm (Base)
Weight: 1.32 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Vajrasattva is typically regarded as the second patriarch in the Shingon Buddhist lineage, the first being Vairocana Buddha. According to Kukai's writings in Record of the Dharma Transmission, Nagarjuna encountered Vajrasatva in an iron tower in southern India, based on Amoghavajra's testimony. As recounted in the Mahavairocana Sutra, Vajrasatva inducted Nagarjuna into the abhiseka ceremony and entrusted him with the esoteric teachings he had gained from Vairocana Buddha. Kukai doesn't go into detail on Vajrasatva or his beginnings.