Vasudhara Statue | Vasudhara Dharani | Purely Gilded in 24K Gold



Vasudhara Statue| Hand-carved Purely Gilded in 24K Gold

Traditionally Hand-carved Vasudhara statue, a perfect statue for your meditation shrine.
She is adorned with beautifully carved precious gemstones.
A perfect Vasudhara Statue for your shrine.

Vasudhara, the 'treasure holder', is a popular Newar goddess of fertility and prosperity, and a consort of the wealth-god Jambhala.
She sits in the posture of 'royal ease' on a moon disc and a pink lotus and a golden treasure-vase (wealth/prosperity). She is beautiful and attractive, as youthful as a sixteen-year-old, and her golden body scintillates with radiant light.She is predominantly the central figure of bronze sculptures or painted mandalas. She may also, however, appear alongside her consort, Jambhala the Buddhist God of Riches. Despite his status, she surpasses him in popularity and is more commonly the central figure of her own mandalas.

Size: 27cm/10.6'' (height) 19cm/7.4'' (width)
Weight: 2.72 kg