The Wealth Deity of Tibetan Buddhism, Dzambhala Gold Statue



Hand made Gold Statue of the Dzambhala, Tibetan Buddhist Wealth Deity

This huge sized statue depicts the wealth deity Dzambhala, fully gold gilded on a copper body. The meticulously hand painted blazing eye brows and the mustache express the heroic and fierce expression.

He is portrayed as seated in a majestic posture where his hands are holding a jewel and mongoose. There are exceptionally fine carvings done all over the body, specially on his lower silk garment and the swirling scarf. His ornaments are carved to details and small but precious stones are embedded on them.

A perfect addition to your meditation altar, this purely hand curated Dzambala statue will help you in your practice.

Size: 60cm/23" (Height) x 42cm/16.5" (Base)
Weight: 21.59kg (approximate)
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Precious Stones


Dzambhala is the lord of wealth and the guardian of northern direction. He carries an arrogant expression on his face and sits in royal posture. His blessing and the value of his practice are universal. It helps us to minimize or decrease all misfortunes and obstacles and helps us increase all good fortune and happiness.

This Gold Gilded Dzambhala statue is perfect for your Vajrayana practice.