Wealth Deity Dzambhala, Fully Gold Plated Buddhist Statue From Nepal



Dzambhala Statue, The Wealth Deity of Buddhism, A Traditional Art from Nepal

This is fully gold plated Dzambhala statue from the land of Himalayas, Nepal. Also widely practiced by the Buddhist practitioners all around, he is the wealth deity of Vajrayana.

It is a perfectly hand curated statue, full of ornate and intricately carved details. His flaming eyebrows and the mustache has added a wrathful appearance to his expression. Seated majestically, the corals and the turquoises has added a beautiful contrast to his fully gold gilded body. This magnificently carved Dzambhala statue is will be a great aid to anyone who contemplates on his sadhana, as all the attributes stand correct to the iconography.

Size: 67cm/26.37" (Height) x 54cm/21.25" (Base)
Weight: 36.633 Kg (approximate)
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Precious Stones


Yellow Jambala or Dzambhala is known as the guardian of light in Buddhism, a great charitable deity who grants fortune and protection. His mantra is "Om Jambala Jalendraye Suvaha." He is a protective deity associated with wealth and prosperity. There are many different forms and traditions associated with this wealth deity but he is usually depicted as yellow in color and holding a mongoose in his left hand. This statue has accurate traditional iconography and has fine details.