White Tara Buddha Statue | Long-Life Deity

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Statue of White Tara Buddha Himalayan Buddhist Art 

We are artists from Kathmandu, who handmade the Charismatic White Tara Buddha Statue, a Buddhist Great Mother statue gilded with 24k gold. White Tara has seven eyes, one on her forehead and one on each of her hands and feet, which symbolizes her compassionate alertness to the suffering of others. She has her graceful and delicate expression with the lotus stem holding her left hand. Her left hand is in vitarka mudra while her right hand is in varada mudra. She is the embodiment of serenity and is known as the seven-eyed Deity. You can use this figurine for different Buddhist Rituals and meditational practices. This magnificent sculpture of the White Tara will be a wonderful present to a practitioner like you. 

Size: 13.3"/34cm (Height) x 9"/23cm (Base)
Weight: 3.70 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

White Tara is known as Female Buddha in the Buddhist tradition. White Tara appears in the form of a female Bodhisattva and goddess for the benefit of every living being. All the Buddhas granted her empowerment from ten directions for which she became The GREAT MOTHER from whom all the Buddhas spring forth, and one who possesses transcendental wisdom.